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The Assurant Protection Estimator

A Better Way to Plan for Long-Term Peace of Mind

How Much Is a Funeral Ceremony?

We've taken the guesswork out of planning ahead...

The Assurant Protection Estimator empowers you to make the best decisions about your end-of-life plans. Get answers to your questions about funerals and cremations, learn about various costs, and decide how to arrange your budget – conveniently in one place. All in a way that meets your needs.

For more than a century, our customers have trusted us to help ensure their final wishes were met affordably and with dignity. Establish a solid plan with the expertise of a trusted partner. Life is about choices. We're here to help you manage yours.

Good Intentions. Great Results.

Giving you more of what you need, every step of the way.

The Assurant Protection Estimator offers more for you and your loved ones: a robust solution with affordable rates in real time. We educate you about funeral service industry options and costs, provide a list of funeral home partners in your area, and wrap all of that into a personalized plan. Your best intentions become definite plans for the future. With us as your partner, there's no need to go it alone.

Comprehensive Selections

Burial options explained in a way that makes sense. Choice and control are yours.

Reliable Estimates

The promise of flexible and affordable payment options. With us, your money goes farther.

Convenient & Secured Policies

Your customized policy is honored by participating funeral homes located throughout Canada.

How It Works

Your planning roadmap made easier.

Step #1:

Your Basics

Enter your personal information to help us provide you with the most accurate estimate

Step #2:

Our Essentials

Continue to choose from an overview of traditional burial options and see how much you may need to set aside for a cremation or a funeral. You can even select a funeral home location near you.

Step #3:

Numbers Game

Get a customized estimate based on your selections. Consider the Assurant Life of Canada funding option.

Step #4:

Choice is King

If the funding option meets your needs, complete the enrollment:

  • Print out and sign your application
  • Mail in your application to the address provided or fax it in.
If you choose not to enroll, you are free to print out the estimate information for future consideration.

Why Assurant

A company with a proud heritage.

The story of Assurant Life of Canada began in 1902 with a small, family-owned funeral business, the Pierce Brothers Family Mortuaries. Working hands on with their customers, the brothers bore witness not only to the overwhelming grief of their clients, but the unbelievable financial and emotional strain families experienced paying final respects to their love ones. They believed there had to be a better way for people to plan and pay for their final expenses. Something more practical and less expensive than the funeral insurance options available at the time.

In 1935, the brothers purchased a life insurance company that offered their customers portable insurance with benefits that were payable in cash. Benefits supported their customers regardless of the place of death or the funeral director selected to perform the service.

At the time of purchase, their company held $20,000 in assets. Several decades and countless families later, Assurant Life of Canada has grown to become the nation's #1 provider of end of life solutions with more than $1.9 billion in assets, a strong management team and a network of more than 200 partners.

Still without an end-of-life plan that brings you peace of mind? Well.... maybe it's time.

They'll say you thought of everything.